To Mike:
When life is strange
And it seems that all is lost
Know that God loves you
and you are redeemed at great cost

When your body is wracked with pain
and your beauty has withered away
When your mother's heart is aching
and the hand of death you cannot stay,

Know that this is not of God
and your faith is not amiss
Jesus said when here on earth,
"An enemy has done this".

God created you in love
and pronounced that all is good
A garden trove He gave to us
to tend, enjoy and give us food.

The evil one came all to soon
and lured our parents with his lies
A wilderness it soon became
no more the endless paradise

But Jesus would not leave it so,
His heavenly throne He cast aside
To prove to us that God is love
and it is Satan who has lied.

The angels wept and watched Him leave
the heavenly chambers for this earth,
Walk as a man these evil streets
and suffer scorn, to prove our worth.

He counted as nought His heavenly throne
His heart rested not as darkness befell
He could not leave us to die in despair
The love of God He had to tell.

In form like us he held our hands,
He wiped our brows, and fed us well;
He spoke in words we'd understand
and claimed us from the depths of hell.

Sinless on the cross He died,
lay in the dark grave incorrupt,
Rose in victory with joy untold
came forth from the tomb as the sun came up!

The father whose aching heart awaited
His beloved Son's return
Accepted the gift of His perfect life
a redemption from the wages of sin.

He's coming again with his angels soon
For the redeemed who alive and remain;
For those who have died in faith and hope
to dine at the supper of the Lamb.

"Death where is thy victory?
O grave where is thy sting."
Banished forever with pain and tears
In loving memory

from one who knew you not long enough
Carol Bekersky

The poem was written by Mike's nurse on the day he left us, July 28, 1996.

Much can be said about anyone we have known and loved. Their accomplishments, whether great or small are often what we tell about them. Mike had packed a lot of living in the short span of 30 years he was with us. His accomplishments were many. He was a very private man and many of his good deeds were known only by God and those whom he helped. He had a heart of gold. His reward? He accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and has life everlasting with his Father who is in heaven.

He fought the fight against the beast we call cancer to the very last breath. His legacy is a continued battle against melanoma, waged as he would have waged it, support and help for those who have the disease and carried on by his father who on earth remains and who seeks to bring to God the glory of His plan.

Pete Tustison, Mike's dad